Integration & SOA

“Globalization, Time to market”

“Reuse resources and save efforts”

Integration & SOA - SOFTEVO

Integration & SOA – SOFTEVO


We perform consulting services in this line of business mainly looking:

  • Solve integration problems between business applications, supported by an adequate analysis of the specific problem, the scalability, the security and the most appropriate technology for a solution.
  • Provide SOA business solutions where deemed the project as part of the strategy of the organization. We propose schemes that consider elements such as:
    • Planning SOA adoption,
    • Risk assessment and treatment of them.
    • Implementation of Government (procedures, standards and policies).
    • Implementations of tools and technical developments.
    • Monitoring (Indicators, tracing, logs).


Technologies: Java

Frameworks: Spring, JEE

Products: JBoss Fuse Service Works, OSB

Management: IBM, Oracle, JBoss, SOA School